GENDER DIFFERENCES: Boys & Girls Learn Differently


Knowledge of research in brain based gender differences is one of the best tools a teacher can have. Now is the time to explore this timely topic!! Discover differences between the male and female brain that will transform how you teach and communicate. Explore teaching and learning strategies developed through current brain research and focused on gender differences as related to effective learning, interpersonal communication, motivation, and self concept.

No matter what age level you teach, you will want to take this class.  This course was designed to help you create and adapt activities, games, rituals and other learning innovations based on how boys and girls brains work best and what they need at different stages of school life. Your knowledge of research in brain based and gender based research will show you how to optimize each child’s learning abilities and also will help to reduce the number of children labeled as discipline problems, slow learners, or attention deficit.

This course will provide practical assistance in your efforts to design the ultimate classroom and you will leave knowing how to put these ideas into action in your classroom. Expect a life-changing experience! 


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Text, The Boys and Girls Learn Differently Action Guide for Teachers, is approximately $14.95 from Amazon.


Thank you Brenda! This was an excellent class and I learned a ton! Thank you for your quick feedbacks and inspirational messages. You are amazing!

4th Grade Teacher

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Course No. ED470b, ED570b

Tuition $120 ‑ $210

Quarter Credits 3

Are you planning to attend at least one Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshop this year? This course is for you. It's open to teachers Nation Wide attending ANY Academic Camp or Professional Development Workshops related to your professional assignment. You can attend these sessions and earn three (3) Continuing Education Quarter Credits or 30 Washington Clock Hours or Oregon PDUs.  Attending more than one event during the year?   Then contact the instructor.

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