LIFE LESSONS From DR. SEUSS: Kindness in the K-5 Classroom

Classroom Management

Dr. Seuss used his literature to deliver valuable life lessons such as being yourself, accepting others as they are, use of imagination and reflection, outlooks on success, treating others respectfully, spirituality, changing points of view, facing adversity, not bragging, as well as many other life concepts. Throughout this course participants will look for the deeper meaning which can be found in the works of one of the most popular children╩╝s authors. Elementary teachers can use this  course to support their efforts for character education, developing an attitude for service and kindness to others. Participants will compile lists of Dr Seuss books and videos and will create lessons that enhance social and emotional learning in the classroom.

Text: Building Character in Schools: Practical Ways to Bring Moral Instruction to Life by Kevin Ryan and Karen Bohlin, costs range from $6-$26 depending on your choice of text.





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Prof. Rzeznic's course was helpful and informative. He was quick to respond to any inquiries I had and to grade and credit me for my work. Very satisfied.


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