Classroom Management

This independent study course focuses on practical solutions for the day-to-day frustrations and challenges common in today’s classroom. Love and Logic is a highly regarded approach that will:

  • Teach students to think for themselves.
  • Raise student level of understanding.
  • Prepare students to function in a society filled with temptation, decisions and consequences.
  • Put the teacher in control.

Ultimately, the result is a more cohesive classroom – one where students enjoy learning, discipline is reduced, and more teaching can occur every day. This class is appropriate for teachers of grades K-12.


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Text, Teaching with Love & Logic, is available is approximately $18 at


I thoroughly enjoyed the Love and Logic class. I found the content applicable to my first grade classroom and I can see that it would hold the same value in a higher grade. My instructor was extremely easy to deal with and immediately answered any questions I had. Thank you for a great experience!

Katharine J.
1st Grade Teacher

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