Math & Science

MAKING SCIENCE FUN: K-8 Hands-on Science Experiments

Course No. SC415B, SC515B

Open your students╩╝ minds to the amazing wonders of science in the world about them. This practical applied science course focuses on using fun and interesting activities to teach students about themselves, their environment, and how the two relate. Some of the activities included in the course include: making rock salt ice cream (changes of state, observation, freezing points), effects of the environment on plant growth, and using Legos to demonstrate survival of the most fit. All activities included in this course can be done with minimal materials found around a typical home or school, are fun, and can be taught at different levels from K-8. Although simple to perform, these activities will challenge and reinvigorate your students╩╝ love for science while teaching them important life lessons. The activities addressed in this course are aligned with the national teaching standards. Participants in this course will be required to perform selected lab activities, research alternate activities on the internet, create useful labs of their own, and write papers about their information acquisition.
A science activities textbook is also recommended ($25-$35)


We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1. Have identified and modified hands-on activities that will support their science curriculum.
2. Understand and be able to communicate to students how these activities relate to various scientific principles
   (i.e. the scientific method, graph creating and analysis, force,  transport, the relationship of organisms with their environment)
3. Have gained additional knowledge on scientific topics which they can incorporate into their teaching.
4. Have created usable lesson plans that include the activities in this course.
5. Have researched scientific concepts and activities on the internet to share with classmates through demonstration and lesson plans.
6. Be able to identify activities that can be used across curriculum.

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