QUALITIES OF EFFECTIVE TEACHERS (No Longer Available for Registrations)

Course No. ED430H, ED530H

(As of 10/10/2023 - This course is no longer available - Please review the updated Qualities of Effective Teachers in the 3-quarter credit course, Six Indicators of Highly Effective Teaching.)

James Stronge has created a rare book describing effective teachers, because his book is based on the premise that it is the classroom teacher as a person that makes the biggest difference in studies of effectiveness, and he devotes an entire chapter (Chapter 2) to “The Teacher as a Person.”  Also included are focuses on the ways a really effective teacher is prepared, manages the classroom, creates instruction, delivers the lesson, and checks and responds to students.  Part 2 of the book moves from information about effective teaching to follow-up checklists, “red flags of ineffective teaching,” subject-specific indicators of effectiveness, and finally follows up with very interesting annotated research summaries and quality resources to explore further.

The author has been a teacher and counselor, has been a district-level administrator, and as a college professor at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, has focused on the fairest ways to evaluate teaching and support personnel.  He has written many publications including a book called Evaluating Teaching:  A Guide to Current Thinking and Best Practice (Corwin Press).  The book which is the center of Qualities of Effective Teachers is, perhaps, his most personal and appreciative of the skills and practices of excellent teachers. 

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. A personally-focused exploration of the attributes of effective teaching.
  2. A resource which condenses almost every important study into a convergence of a profile of effective teaching.
  3. The validation of the importance of both the personal and the professional attributes.
  4. Become involved in powerful teaching.
  5. A checklist for self-assessment, to allow personal focus and follow-up in any aspect of the effectiveness profile.

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