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SUGAR HIGH: Glycemic Index & Better Carb Choices

Course No. ED456d, ED556d

We’ve all heard the comment: "If you are fat, it's because you eat too much and you don't exercise enough" and yet for over 50 years low calorie diets and more exercise have not managed to curb obesity levels. Are you wondering why? In this course for K-12 educators you finally will uncover the secret everyone wants to know, the real cause of weight gain. Enhance student focus and learning by integrating Glycemic Index know-how essentials into your curriculum. When we select a wide variety of low glycemic index foods, students, everyone, can prevent excessive weight gain. Maintaining optimal weight does not mean eating less and exercising more, but eating better, in the lunchroom and at home.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Explained and summarized the nutritional paradox to understand why one-third of Americans are overweight/obese.
  2. Learned about the relationship between two essential metabolic processes: glycemia and insulin secretion to uncover the real cause of weight gain.
  3. Utilized the Glycemic Index and identified the food factors that modify Glycemic Index.
  4. Learned how to limit weight gain by selecting carbohydrates based upon their Glycemic Index.
  5. Reflected on their own nutritional choices and focused on how to include nutrition in their teaching.
  6. Viewed a number of school lunch models that highlight how to eat and cook the low glycemic way.
  7. Posed questions concerning nutrition as it relates to influencing students’ motivation, attitudes, and by incorporating Glycemic Index guidelines into school lunches or classroom learning, to influence eating behaviors through healthier choices.

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