Course No. ED459f, ED559f

Many girls are staggering under the pressure of jam-packed schedules, hours of homework, heightened expectations, demanding social lives and far too little sleep.  Maturing into a successful young woman is full of stressors and girls in this generation are pioneers in learning how to make it all work and still become successful both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Their anxiety level is only heightened by the unrealistic standard of what it means to “have it all." This class is designed to help you understand the new culture of girls today as well as strategies for helping them achieve their dreams.

This course is appropriate for K-12 teachers, administrators, support staff and parents.   




We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Define and describe nervous energy and the toll of hidden stress.
  2. Define and acknowledge the cultural pressures on girls. 
  3. Understand family dynamics and the perceived need to prove oneself. 
  4. Research vulnerabilities to stress and the behaviors that respond to it.
  5. Define and describe girls that are perfectionistic.  
  6. Define and describe girls that are easily distractible.
  7. Define, describe and acknowledge underlying belief systems that create insecurity.  
  8. Learn to recognize behaviors that are signals of stress.
  9. Learn the value of empathy when working with girls.
  10. Understand and learn how to create empowering relationships.
  11. Learn how to help girls build confidence in themselves.
  12. Multiple strategies to help identify stress.
  13. Have a list of resources available.   

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