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Inspire great writing from your students with writing workshop tools and techniques that provide structure, content, and increased confidence in your own writing and teaching. In this course you'll join writer and children's author Deb Lund who was already instructing teachers about writing with kids when the text we'll use by Lucy Calkins, The Art of Teaching Writing, was first published in the mid-1980's. Become a mentor for your students and model the writing process as you explore fiction, memoir, essay, and poetry writing together. This comprehensive course will help give you the excitement you've longed for in your writing teaching.

Appropriate for teachers of grades K-12. The Calkins text, you will find in the Required Text section.  Just click on the picture below for Lucy Calkins book, The Art of Teaching Writing,  and click on this link for Deb Lund's  Writing With Kids  PDF.


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Lucy Calkins' book, The Art of Teaching Writing, is approximately $1.00 used at Amazon. Deb Lund's book, Writing With Children, is free by downloading a copy of the PDF at


Deb Lund is a superb instructor. Her responses to my postings of assignments were well thought out and helpful. I would definitely take another class from her. Thanks for the opportunity to get some needed credit hours for my recertification. Nancy Hail

Nancy H.
4th Grade Teacher

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Course No. ED465c, ED565c

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

This course helps young writers generate ideas for their writing. It will ignite their imagination and encourage their creativity. Writing prompts are an excellent tool for inspiration. Your K-12 students will have fun developing ideas. They may use brainstorming or written, visual or video prompts to come up with fun and exiting ways to express themselves. Designed for students with diverse learning styles. Gather some collegues, group learning is encouraged!

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