Kimberly Carter


Kim Carter, M.Ed., received her Health and Fitness Degree from Central Washington University in 1987 and received a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from City University in 1994.

Since 1994 she has taught in both the elementary and middle school Health and Fitness settings.  Kim knows the importance of creating a positive, active and creative teaching environment for her students. 

She is currently teaching Health and Fitness at the middle school level. Kim enjoys spending time gardening, mountain bike riding, paddle boarding, hiking, snowshoeing and all outdoor activities.

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Offered Courses


Course No. PE401x, PE401x

Tuition $315 ‑ $415

Quarter Credits 5

What does a Standard’s Based Curriculum look like in the physical education classroom? This course was designed to assist K-12 educators to understand, develop and create their standards-based curriculum.

After exploring the definition and purpose of a standards-based curriculum, this course will begin designing a standards-based PE curriculum by developing goals based on sound philosophy and reflecting a teacher’s own beliefs and values.