Lawrence Rzeznik


Lawrence Rzeznik, M.S.B.S.

Larry received his degrees in Biology and Education from S.U.N.Y. Geneseo. He has been a high school science teacher for since 1999. He was an adjunct biology and chemistry instructor for nursing colleges for one year.

Larry created curriculum for animal behavior, environmental biology, general biology, and forensics science courses. He is currently involved in creating various professional development courses, as well, as participating in graduate courses to stay up to date on current topics.

Offered Courses


Course No. MA400i, MA500i

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

Research shows that children benefit by encountering math concepts in their reading. Pre-K to 3rd grade teachers will be guided in how to use childrens books to teach math concepts. Easily modified to fit any K-3 language or math program. You will use books that are already in your classrooms as well as other easy to locate books from your local or school library.

LIFE LESSONS From DR. SEUSS: Kindness in the K-5 Classroom

Course No. ED437P, ED537P

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Support kindness, respect for others, an attitude for service and a variety of other positive character traits by learning how to incorporate the literature and themes found in Dr. Seuss books, one of the most beloved of children's authors.

MAKING SCIENCE FUN: K-8 Hands-on Science Experiments

Course No. SC415B, SC515B

Tuition $195 ‑ $280

Quarter Credits 3

Open your students' minds to the amazing world of science all around them. This practical course focuses on using fun activities to teach students about themselves, their environment, and how the two relate.