Marie Noorani


Marie Noorani, M.A.T., earned a B.A. from Washington State University in Social Sciences in 1996 and a Masters of Arts in Education from Washington State University in 1998. She has taught Language Arts to a variety of grade levels, gaining particular expertise in middle school writing instruction and earning a reputation for producing excellent writers. She retired in 2019 and currently tutors middle and high school writers.

Offered Courses

BEYOND GRAMMAR: Strategies for Improving Sentence Fluency

Course No. ED478c, ED578c

Tuition $380 ‑ $495

Quarter Credits 6

When discussing written composition, the terms sentence fluency, syntactic fluency, syntactic maturity, and syntactic complexity are all used to describe text containing sentences with varied structures that underscore, enhance, and contribute to meaning while tying together ideas so readers progress easily from beginning to end. Sentences that possess these attributes are not only easy to comprehend, but they often have a pleasant, rhythmical quality when read aloud. This course considers the above terms interchangeable and has been designed to help teachers improve their students’ sentence fluency/syntactic maturity. But, more than being a “how to teach” course, this is a “what to teach” course. It strives to fill in the knowledge gap left by most teacher training programs when it comes to understanding the fluency errors students make and the remedial strategies they can apply.