Course No. ED459L, ED559L

Class Culture is a magical mix with no recipe and yet it is the special sauce for optimal student learning. Continue to refine your mastery as you inspire a class culture of acceptance and appreciation as learners develop intellectual character. Revisit 8 Familiar Forces: Expectations, Language, Time, Modeling, Opportunities, Routines, Interactions, and Environment. Summon these forces for guidance and support to be more effective in your everyday rhythms and relationships as curator of a culture of thinking which everyone values and that values everyone.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Revisited the 8 Familiar Forces which create, sustain and enhance group culture: Expectations, Language, Time, Modeling, Opportunities, Routines, Interactions and Environment.
  2. Imagined and visualized how to use classroom culture, as a shaper of students' development as powerful thinkers and learners, to inspire the personal, professional and planetary upgrade.
  3. Collected an inventory of stories, practical guidelines, self-assessments, case studies, inquiry projects and other resources that inspire and guide the facilitation of cultures of thinking.
  4. Customized and implemented in a learning environment, one supportive practice gleaned directly from any of the forces.
  5. Reflected on their own classroom culture and considered how to strengthen and curate its culture of thinking with the guidance of the 8 Familiar Forces.

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