Education,  Language Arts


Course No. ED477w, ED577w

Accessing Free Online Literacy Resources for Teachers will be a game changer in your literacy instruction.  This interactive and practical course will give you the opportunity to explore a wide range of FREE literacy tools.  These online resources support you in enhancing your instructional practices and promoting literacy skills in your students.  We will dive into reputable websites such as FCRR (Florida Center for Reading Research) and UFLI (University of Florida Learning Institute), which offer evidence-based strategies and research-driven approaches to literacy instruction.  You will also delve into online resources like ReadWorks, Reading A-Z, The Six Shifts, and videos, providing a wealth of literacy materials that will make teaching easier and more effective.

You will leave this class with a whole new set of tools for your literacy toolkit of excellent online reading resources to enrich your teaching and empower your students’ literacy growth.  Join me and unlock the potential of these incredible resources for your classroom!

The course is PERFECT for teachers to take individually or with your grade level team to bring about change in your school and students.  It is appropriate for elementary teachers, including SPED and LAP teachers. 

No book is required for this course … all the resources are FREE!

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Been introduced to a variety of free online literacy tools.
  2. Created personalized classroom routines that will enhance your student’s literacy instruction.
  3. Engaged in research, activities, and evaluations to evaluate the effectiveness of these online resources.
  4. Integrated new literacy resources into the classroom routine.

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