Course No. ED478d, ED578d

This course is designed for educators who want to explore various grading policies, approaches, and strategies that align with principles of equity and support student growth.  Grading is an integral part of the educational system, but it can often perpetuate inequities and hinder student growth. This course aims to empower teachers with the knowledge and strategies to develop grading policies and practices that prioritize equity, support student learning, and address the diverse needs of their students.

Grading practices play a crucial role in shaping student outcomes and experiences. However, traditional grading methods can be inherently biased, leading to disparities in achievement and limiting opportunities for certain groups of students. This course provides educators with the tools and resources to critically examine their grading policies and practices, identify and address biases, and implement strategies that promote fairness, growth, and educational equity. By engaging with this content, teachers will be better equipped to create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

Understanding of Grading Perspectives: Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of different grading perspectives, approaches, and their implications for student equity and learning outcomes.

Analysis of Current Grading Policies: Participants will critically evaluate their current grading policies and practices, identifying areas of bias, inequity, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategies for Equitable Grading: Participants will explore and apply research-based strategies and best practices to develop grading policies and practices that promote equity, growth, and meaningful learning for all students.

Communication and Collaboration: Participants will develop effective communication strategies to engage and involve students, families, and colleagues in the grading process, fostering transparency and understanding.

Reflective Practice and Continuous Improvement: Participants will engage in reflective practice, continually examining and refining their grading policies and practices to align with the principles of equity and to better support student growth and success.

Note: The content and assignments in this course are designed to provide participants with a framework for critical thinking and exploration of equitable grading practices. While the resource "Grading for Equity" by Joe Feldman is suggested as a valuable resource, participants are encouraged to draw on additional resources and their own experiences to shape their understanding and conclusions about the best grading policy for their classrooms and schools.

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