Course No. ED475r, ED575r

We live in a culture that rewards academic skills and successes, and while we work hard to help our students experience those outcomes, we constantly realize the need for fresh ways to cope with the daily grind. We all know how powerful it is to be able to reset our focus and inspire a new vision of what we could become. You will find many rich ways to bring those visions to your students in this class. With some of the great insights and specific reproducibles for your ongoing use, you will find answers to why and how to inspire and remotivate your classes on a daily basis, making lively and engaging daily work, encouragement, and teachable moments your norm.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Reviewed the basic human needs students need to increase focus, brain, and body readiness to learn in an academic setting.
  • Increased awareness of the need to use more motivational strategies to create readiness for teachable moments.
  • Learned what current research shows are sixteen strong indicators that increase student engagement.
  • Discovered ways to increase student self-motivation.
  • Found resources to develop more lesson designs to enact these strategies.
  • Discovered ways to help students find a connection to something greater than themselves.

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