KIDS & SOCIAL MEDIA: Concerns & Best Uses

Course No. ED472s, ED572s

Social Media - it connects our students, yet also divides our students. Many questions surround the use of social media:

  • How much time on social media is too much for our students and children?
  • What are the effects of social media on students – their brain development, identity, possible addiction, and well-being? 
  • Is there a positive side to social media?
  • How can we keep our students safe from the negatives of social media, such as cyber-bullying?
  • What advice can we share with our students and their parents to make the most of social media?

This class will delve into these questions (and more). You will learned about the positives and negatives about social media, form your own answers to some of these questions, and come away with ways to advise students and parents about the best way to use social media and the best ways to safe safe on social media.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • An understanding of the effects of social media on student development, identity, and well-being.
  • Knowledge of cyber-bullying and how to combat it.
  • Understanding of how social media affects all of use as users of the platform - whether we know it or not.
  • Comprehensions of why teens are so drawn to social media and how we can help them make good choices.
  • The ability to advise parents and teenagers on how to manage social media in a safe manner.  

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