Since 1938, the American Library Association has awarded the Caldecott Medal annually for to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. This fun-filled guided independent study course will cover the history of the medal and Randolph Caldecott, explore the creative artists who have received this medal, delve into selected winners and honors books, and create various art media lessons for the classroom.
          No prerequisites or artistic talent is needed. From this class you walk away with a “ready to teach” reference binder filled with art lessons. These lessons can be easily integrated and will enhance your language and visual arts programs.
The lessons you create from the Caldecott Award and honors books will be fun, hassle free, with little to no mess. Be prepared to color, paint, draw, and expand your creativity. 
          Additional cost for required textbooks is approximately $45.00 depending on your choice of bookseller. 

Art Through Children’s Literature: Creative Art Lessons for Caldecott Books, ISBN#10:1563081547. Used and Kindle download copies can be found at for around $12.99, or can be checked out from your regional library or district professional library.
A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books: The Newbery and Caldecott Awards:  ISBN#1070-4493, American Library Assoc. Order direct at $25 plus shipping. 

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• $38-$48 for both textbooks • $6—$8 for 11/2” binder, reference materials, lessons, samples and assignments.


Debora Supplitt provided prompt, professional, helpful feedback. She was encouraging and her feedback helped add depth to the lessons and examples that I prepared as a part of this course. I have currently been using lessons that I prepared during this course, in my classroom. I appreciate the relevance of the "Caldecott" continuing education class.

Anna T.
2nd Grade Teacher

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