Challenging Students

When you want to know what to do or gain some new insights in the area of classroom management, you need to trust the source of the information.  In the case of this course, the resource is both authoritative and reality-based. It clarifies both what to do, and how to do it, with ample examples and action steps.  It reduces the stress that can result from seat-of-the-pants decision-making by revealing research-proven, humane and effective strategies.

The study guide questions help direct your focus and insights as you read the book.  While the book is chock full of information, it is not one to read as a stand-alone, but the process of reading and reflecting on the ideas is a very satisfying learning experience.  It would be worth reading for beginners as well as well-seasoned teachers, who are looking for finesse and validation for their already successful skills.  A major premise of this book is that there is more time for effective classroom instruction when classroom management is smooth-running.

The authors are all outstanding contributors to the world of teaching expertise in practice.  Robert Marzano is probably the foremost author of teacher training materials based on research in best practices has produced a practical and trustworthy collection of ideas and insights for teachers of any level of experience looking for wisdom and effectiveness in classroom management.
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