DIFFERENTIATION: Its Not As Hard As You Think

Course No. ED449H, ED549H

Today’s students differ greatly from each other and their learning needs vary more dramatically than ever! These differences are wide ranging and are being identified earlier. Such classroom disparities require all educators to think differently about teaching and learning; educators have been differentiating for ages. This class is intended to move you from where you are now (beginner. proficient. advanced) in the procedures of differentiation, to the next level essential for success.

You will learn how to implement differentiation properly to emphasize shared responsibility between teacher and student, because the brain that does the work is the brain that learns! Differentiation and the Brain (the text) is a great introduction into how research supports the use of differentiated learning opportunities for all classrooms.  The text is not bogged down with statistical data but rather is explained in user-friendly terms.  This will be a go-to resource for years to come!  Once you start, you will be hooked forever!  This course is appropriate for educators at all levels K-12.  Learn to teach differently and smarter, not harder ! Join me on an adventure to learn how to manage and establish a differentiated classroom.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Understand the non-negotiables of effective differentiation instruction.
  • Develop a more productive view of assessment and grading.
  • Learn how to support student readiness, gender differences, cultural differences, student interests and passions.
  • Identify and explore the 7 Principles of Leading Students.
  •  Create guidelines and structure for effective group work and management

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