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All the learning in the world isn’t worth much if we’re not happy. If we want the youth in our care to be happy and to be successful and motivated we as teachers and parents need to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to create happy lives for themselves. In this course for educators K-12 we will learn from brain research how to positively and authentically effect our state of mind. Happiness skills can be taught, such as how to shift perspective about difficult situations, through selected reading and class discussions. Through a conscious choice of attitudes, beliefs, intentions, personal philosophy, precepts and daily practices you will discover happiness is under your control and how to model that for students. Our highly recommended text, Modeling Happiness: A Guide for Teachers and Parents, is about $15 used on Amazon or free on Kindle.

This course is designed to be completed individually or as a group collaboration project.

This course is applicable for any K-12 teacher, administrator, or anyone looking to better their ability to embody happiness.



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The text is approximately $15 from and student-identified online resources and research are generally free.


In BEING HAPPY: Teaching Happiness, Charity Staudenraus teaches the most important subject a teaching professional can ever hope to study - Happiness! Happiness is not about being all smiles and positive all the time, nor is it about graduating or being at the top of the class, nor even about being rich and famous. Happiness is an inner balance, the inner confidence on a bad day that you'll eventually bounce up and the inner wisdom that the day after your triumph, life will go back to normal. Through well-chosen readings and a friendly compassionate voice, Charity will bring out the best of you and in turn, teaches you how to bring the best out of your students. Not only is her course enlightening; it is a clarion call for parents and educators around the world to turn the tide against the growing number of young suicides. After taking Charity's course, you'll want to join the cause!

William Henry G.

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