Course No. ED471g, ED571g

Many students lack the social and emotional skills that lead to success in work, community, and family life. Infusing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices is about how you teach what you teach and not something added on to the required curriculum. Through videos, articles, and our text by Dr. Bobbi Hansen (The Heart & Science of Teaching: Transformative Applications that Integrate Academic and Social-Emotional Learning)  participants in this course will cover:

  • What does SEL encompass and why is it important
  • What various SEL classrooms can look like
  • Creating an emotionally safe environment
  • Resolving student conflicts using peer mediation
  • How to tap student assets
  • Content accommodations for special needs
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Fostering community and world connections through service learning
  • Nurturing students to become self-directed learners
  • Cognitive and emotional engagement through projects 

The price for used text on amazon is about $14. This course is appropriate for all grade levels.


We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  1. Gained knowledge on the components of Social Emotional Learning.
  2. Developed an understanding of how to apply social-emotional learning into instruction.
  3. Created  content-specific activities and practices that support the development of social-emotional learning .
  4. Applied components of social emotional learning that will develop the whole child.  


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