Eric Jensens TEACHING with the BRAIN in MIND


This book is invaluable for saving you and your students from wasted motion and unproductive and meaningless strategies that are counterproductive to effective learning experiences.  Instead, based on research into brain-based learning, you will be guided through one fascinating insight after another, in the Introduction and twelve chapters of this latest edition of teaching how-to’s, based on our ever-growing awareness of how people really are motivated, do problem-solving and remember.
It is advised that you read and respond as you go, rather than reading the whole book and then addressing some of the engaging questions Eric Jensen has created for you in the Study Guide.  The questions are worth considering, and the author has invited his readers to make the information a personal journey to successful integration into one’s own style, repertoire, and, hopefully, one’s own school culture.
Eric Jensen is considered among the foremost interpreters of neurological theory into the practical world of the classroom teacher.  His books are encouraging, engagingly written, and inspiring. 


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Thank you for offering this course. It was, above all, convenient for me. Also, it was a very important text to process. The assignments forced me to consider the myriad ways it will impact my instruction.

8th Grade Teacher

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