FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL: From Stress to Success

Classroom Management

Based on one of the best-selling books on classroom management and student achievement, this course will help you make the first day of school, and every day, more successful!
Our text is The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher by Harry & Rosemary Wong. Regardless of your level of experience, you will enjoy the text and will want to savor it instead of rushing through. In addition to inspirational stories, you will find it packed with practical examples that you can take right to your classroom.
We’ll go step-by-step in the text through skills that will lead you to success. As you complete assignments, you will be inspired to be a teacher-leader instead of a stressed-out worker. With the economy down and class sizes up, it is more crucial than ever to use effective classroom procedures. You will learn practical, time-tested techniques for teaching and managing students. Decreasing your stress level, you will learn new skills to help decrease the achievement gap. You will master specific strategies to enhance student learning, as well as engaging techniques that inspire and motivate.


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Text cost approximately $20 from Amazon.


I loved this class. I have recommended it to my colleagues!! Thank you Mary Ann for being a great teacher!

Treila S.
Kindergarten Teacher

I'd like to thank Mary Ann Johnson for all the constructive instruction and suggestions she has provided for me with this course. As an effective and professional educator, Ms Johnson has made my learning truly valuable and enjoyable. Much appreciated!

Guoli T.

I have taken many online courses over the last 5 years. The Heritage online course I just completed was by far one of the best I have taken. The website is well designed and easy to use. The course assignments are relevant to the course and my situation. Overall this has been one of the best educational experiences I have had.

Kylee B.
5th Grade Teacher

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