Course No. ED448F, ED548F

In this book by award-winning author, Larry Ferlazzo, you will find answers to some of your greatest needs: how to motivate students, help students see the importance of personal responsibility, deal with disruptive students and classes, find best ways to maximize the chances that a lesson will be successful, and more.  Each section of the course will provide stimulating ideas and down-to-earth tools, including lesson plans that will save you hours.  You will also be introduced to user-friendly websites that you or your students can use to integrate tech tools into the engaging lesson plans. 

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
1.  Learned specifically how to ”create the conditions within which students will motivate themselves”.
2.  Explored the twelve essential focuses that involve helping students become more responsible.
3.  Learned how to prevent and/or deal with disruptions.
4.  Examined both the classroom culture and classroom instruction that promote student responsibility
     and self-motivation.
5.  Been provided with lesson and unit plans to support all suggested strategies.
6.  Been provided with information to include online resources to supplement every lesson strategy.

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