Challenging Students,  Classroom Management,  Counseling & Special Ed


Course No. SS401P, SS501P

This course emphasizes the critical nature of self-esteem in each person. According to Abraham Maslow, self-esteem is one of the basic needs we have in our life. It is the pillar on which we are built. Too often, schools see children with low esteem that then interferes with their education. By examining motivational theory and strategies, we will find ways to increase the self-esteem and motivation in children. In addition to examining your own behavior style, each educator will learn successful ways of planning for a studentsʼ success.  This class will quickly illustrate ways to make a difference in your school and classroom.
Through hands on applications within the schools, reading materials and analyzing case studies, each student will be able to develop effective strategies for students.
This course is designed to be effective for all P-12 educators, regardless of teaching level or job description.
We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
1.     Stated the aspects of positive self-esteem.
2.     Recognized aspects of depression and low self-image that may lead to peer problems.
3.     Developed activities to increase self-esteem in students.
4.     Analyzed and synthesized aspects of motivational theory and strategies.
5.     Investigated their own areas of self-esteem to find areas of personal growth.
6.     Listed, analyzed and developed a plan for supporting students in the area of motivation.

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