Course No. ED472g, ED572g

Don’t lose heart when everything you do to help failing students doesn’t work, because this course will turn that around.  You don’t have to lose students through the cracks anymore, as research-supported strategies based on neuroscience and mindset can help inspire interventions for powerful change. Your instructor, Brenda McKinney, has spent her career teaching, creating programs, and developing curriculum for failing students. You will learn practical, data-driven strategies such as:

  • Easy invisible disciple tips for disruptions in class
  • How to make students believers in the changeability of their brains
  • Understanding the power of a “can-do” mindset
  • Reframing failure as necessary on the path to success
  • Ensuring an authentic teacher-student relationship
  • Dealing with student’s low self-image and sense of failure

In a unique documentary film by the instructor, you will hear from students who had failed, and they will share with you how they eventually came to succeed and graduate, when at one time that looked impossible. Appropriate for teachers K-12. Used text on Amazon about $12.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Learn how to create a school culture that emphasizes a growth mindset
  • Gain six (6) powerful mindsets to use in the classroom setting: Relational, Achievement, Rich Classroom, Enrichment, Engagement, and Positivity
  • Discover data-driven strategies and set gutsy goals based on that data
  • Build effective teacher-student relationships while supporting student achievement and success
  • Use micro-goals and feedback to close the gaps
  • Use positive attitudes to change mindsets, the emotional bank account, and inflexible brains
  • Lock in a rich classroom climate where students love to learn, and this will drive motivation, success, and engagement

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