Math & Science


Course No. MA400o, MA500o

Create a mathematics classroom atmosphere where students no longer fear math, no longer have anxiety about math, and no longer think they are simply just not good at math.  Jo Boaler is a Stanford University professor with research-based and field-tested strategies whose book Mathematical MIndsets will help you create a math classroom where students experience mathematics though a positive growth mindset method. Videos and additional website readings will complement the Mathematical Mindsets book. Teachers will learn to create mathematical tasks, assessments, and feedback that encourage student growth, understanding, and joy as their students master mathematical ideas and concepts.

This course is appropriate for teachers K-12.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • An understanding of how the brain functions when students learn math, make mistakes, and struggle.
  • The ability to create mathematical mindsets in their students.
  • Learn how to create rich mathematical tasks.
  • The knowledge to create heterogeneous groups that lend themselves to higher level mathematical thinking.
  • Learn how to create assessments for a growth mindset.
  • Strategies for creating a classroom based on positive growth mindset.

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