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Throughout each day, educators are expected to balance academic demands with the personal aspects of each child. Mixed in with these needs are the core curriculum requirements plus additional areas of education such as personal safety, drug/alcohol, Aids training, social skills training, etc. These demands can become overwhelming to both teacher and student. The purpose of this course is to help educators to become more organized in their preparation time and their teaching style. In addition, each person will understand how to encourage and teach a disorganized student as well as facilitate his/her organizational skills. Specifically, the classroom will become more organized, papers will be graded in a more timely fashion, students will be more prepared for class, and an increase in educational performance will follow. This "clutter free concept" is applicable to our professional and personal lives. It is geared to a broad audience, encompassing K-12 students.


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Course No. ED467g, ED567g

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