Teaching Wellness

PANDEMIC FATIGUE: Beyond Anxiety, Depression & Helplessness

Course No. ED475b, ED575b

According to the CDC, 27% of teachers reported symptoms of depression and anxiety during the pandemic, and the reports of teacher fatigue have been excessive. Although students have returned to the classroom, they continue to struggle, and educators feel overwhelmed with the workload and providing emotional support. 
This course will help you on the road to wellness and stability by providing you with an awareness of the anxiety habit loops that make you feel trapped. You will gain new tools to deal with stress, anxiety, worry, and mild depression. You will also learn how to plan for difficult days with research-based strategies that can improve your commitment and wellness. This is a solution-oriented course to help you regain your balance, so take that step, share with others, and increase your understanding of neuroscience on how to rewire your brain to access your sense of happiness while alleviating pandemic fatigue, anxiety, and stress. 

This course is appropriate for educators K-12.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Gained knowledge of generalized anxiety, depression, stress, and worry.
  • Developed an understanding of anxiety as a habit loop and a trigger for
    stressful automatic negative thoughts.
  • Learned how to map your habits to help break the cycles of worry and stress.
  • Explored tools of curiosity, mindfulness, breathing to help free your brain
    from constant anxiety and worry.
  • Learn how to employ RAIN as a strategy for dealing with good days and bad days.
  • Planned and implemented a strategic plan to set good habits.
  • Learned how to overcome your resistance to change.

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