Teaching Wellness

THE POWER IN YOU: Being Your Authentic Self

Course No. ED467d, ED567d

Students see right through us when we’re not being ourselves. Standing in our authentic self is the personal foundation of good teaching, no matter what level or subject or across all personality types. In this course for all teachers K-12, we will draw upon the work of two noted educator/writers, Parker Palmer, and researcher/author, Brene Brown, to help participants explore what may be getting in the way of being fully themselves. You will learn steps that you can take to reclaim your personal power. A choice of Brene Brown books will run less that $15 used on Amazon.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

1.     Discovered rich resources that support a journey of personal transformation.

2.     Developed a new way to talk and think about feelings and fears, many that have been hidden

3.     Analyzed vulnerabilities and exposed them while discovering our own courage.

4.     Developed a personal commitment and plan that becomes part of the daily walk.

5.     Woven positive brain changes into your own habits and thinking.

6.     Realized that the need to take this journey about the power of you is innate in all of us and seeking a collective transformation is part of personal change.

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