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Classroom Management

The strategies in this book are divided into seven categories, including work for whole class groups, pairs, and individuals, as well as reluctant learners.  Not only are the 99 possible strategies going to help engage your students, but you will find they will banish any boredom you may be experiencing as well.  Based on sound teaching strategies, you use the processes to get students involved with material you already planned to cover.  No special equipment or preparation is required, and there is an appendix with helpful forms that can save your preparation time.  There is plenty of variety to try with any class, teaching style and grade level.  You will have fun selecting the best fit for your classes, and finding out just how to get the student engagement and focus that makes learning indelible and authentic.  Eric Jensen, brain researcher, has endorsed it as “the most practical engagement book on the market.”


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Text is available used from Amazon for approximately $23. (Not many used available, because people want to keep theirs!)


I really enjoyed this class. I can use all of the strategies in my classroom, and the instructor gave great feedback!

Jodi O.

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