Course No. ED470x, ED570x

Join this class to discover how to cultivate you and your student's right brain creativity and curiosity. Explore basic drawing skills and techniques while tapping into the Right Side of the Brain. You'll learn the fundamentals of creative right brain basic drawing, Gestalt, light and shadow, space, edges, and these relationships to each other while building creative drawing confidence. Bring theses guided right-brain drawing skilled lessons into your practice or any classroom curriculum to boost any student's critical-thinking, problem-solving skills and experience the delight of creative right-brain drawing. This course is designed for every educator PP-12. Throughout this fun and creative course, you'll explore:

  • Short video tutorials by a pioneer in right-brain educator that will give you the technical skills required to create your own creative right brain drawing.
  • Guided video and workbook lessons that take you through guided drawing activities.
  • Information to develop right brain drawing skills in your curriculum to produce exciting outcomes for you and your students
  • Basic principles of Right-Brain Drawing in order to gain in-depth, practical knowledge of them.

We will use Betty Edward's classic text Drawing on the right side of the Brain and related workbook, Participants, use their own art supplies. Download the recommended supply list (See materials). Books and video will cost about $70.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • An understanding of basic principles and basic right-brain drawing skills 
  • The application and understanding of contour drawing or edges
  • The ability to recognize and draw negative spaces or space
  • The ability to synthesize perspective and proportion or relationships
  • Knowledge and skills to apply value or light and dark shading
  • The ability to explore the Gestalt as the whole

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