History & Social Studies

FINDING TRUTH: Beyond Fake News and Media Bias

Course No. SS419e, SS519e

It’s harder than ever to know where the truth can be found today in public media. Since the 2016 presidential election in the United States, both the political as well as social polarization in America has sunk to new lows. While this reflects historic social, political and ideational differences, the widening gulf in media reporting, including fake news, is a main contributor to the breakdown in finding the “truth” as bias pushes narratives on different sides further apart, each side claiming fact-based truth.  Common ground and bipartisanship is all but lost. In this course for secondary teachers we will explore fake news and bias in all media platforms and its effects on public attitudes and actions. Participants will develop the tools, skills, and strategies to help students be able to break through the barriers of disinformation to find the truth within the agendas being pushed by governmental, and outside powers of influence. Our text, Fact vs. Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News, is $24 on amazon.


We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Explored the complexities of fake news in the 21st Century
  • Developed an understanding of propaganda techniques used in media
  • Explored the complexities of government use of media to control citizens
  • Developed a skill set to guide students through the world of social media
  • Learned how to educate students in media literacy

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