Art,  Distance Teaching

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Using Smartphones, Tablets and Apps

Course No. ED471r, ED571r

In 2020 and beyond, educators witnessed a new model for administering online virtual, home base, and or brick and motor school site education. Educators are rapidly discovering the power of integrating smartphones, tablets, and apps for learning that is integrated into the ongoing classroom curriculum. With the use of many interactive photography editing curriculum apps, students become engaged, interested, motivated, and eager to learn. Participants will discover the power of project-based learning by developing digital photography Google websites, creative digital videos, editing, mixing, and creating a memorable project by accessing student's everyday smartphones and tablets. This course, participants will develop grade-specific (K-12) project-based lessons and come away with an energized "go-to" curriculum.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • To download iOS apps and Android/Google (application) onto smartphones and tablets from various web sites.
  • Accessed smartphone camera mode and photography roll.
  • Developed a strong working knowledge of the navigation techniques for the camera, photo storage, and uploading photos to an app.
  • Thoroughly perused the smartphone tutorials for the camera option.
  • Explored several websites, articles, blogs, and sites offering examples of photo editing.
  • Developed curriculum for digital photography in the classroom.
  • Discussed the integration of photography apps and tools for classroom use.

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