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What does a Standard’s Based Curriculum look like in the physical education classroom?  This course was designed to assist K-12 educators to understand, develop and create their own standards based curriculum.

After exploring the definition and purpose of standards based curriculum this course will begin the process of designing a standards-based PE curriculum by developing goals that are based on a sound philosophy and reflect a teacher’s own beliefs and values. 

During this course participants will also explore assessment and the importance of documenting how students in PE are progressing toward achieving the standards. When taking this course you will learn how to provide all students with opportunities to achieve their learning goals through challenging and motivating choices.

The required text, by Jacalyn Lund and Deborah Tannerhill, Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development, Third edition, is available used from Amazon for about $54.00


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$54 for the he required text purchased used from Amazon. It can be sold back to Amazon upon completion for about $35. The text is also available from other booksellers, and at some local and school libraries.

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Course No. PE404h, PE504h

Tuition $120 ‑ $210

Quarter Credits 3

This course is open to coaches Nation Wide attending ANY Sports Clinic. Sports Clinics are available that focus on a variety of aspects related to your particular sport and athlete program. Often times these Sports Clinics have Professional and/or College coaches lecturing. You can attend and earn 3 continuing education quarter credits or 30 clock hours or PDUs. Attending more than one clinic during the year? Contact the instructor directly.

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