Classroom Management

SCHOOL CULTURE TIPS: Wisdom from the Trenches

Course No. ED471h, ED571h

Here's your chance to enjoy and spend collaborative time viewing sessions with celebrity Gerry Brooks, an elementary school principal, and intervention specialist. Gerry's book and videos highlight his mocked back-woods Kentucky drawl that entertains K-12 teachers, administrators, and parents across the country. He delivers stories and jokes with the style of humor that school professionals easily relate to.

Gerry confesses that great teachers and distinguished schools do have bad days when the most solid lesson plans fall through, parents complain, kids act up and throw temper tantrums, and the "dreaded" yearly testing and assessments. This course is an excellent way to excite collaboration within any group grade level, professional learning community, staff-wide book study, or taken for self-enrichment. You will explore stories, self-assess, locate your site's mission and values statement, incorporate personal reflections, compare and contrast fun-filled tales and outcomes, and create a positive, mentally exciting and creative individual and school-wide climate.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus

Participants will:

  • Explored, recognized, and learned to identify what is a positive school climate and culture
  • Learned ways to foster an environment of mutual respect, responsibility, and accountability for staff and colleagues
  • Created activities to focus on an individual effective positive change
  • Recognize the need for positive communication to support culture and climate, and how to implement it effectively.

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