HISTORY OF ROCK & ROLL: From Bop to Hip-Hop

History & Social Studies

          This course offers in-depth tour of “Rock and Roll” history. It is filled with information and tools for teachers of grades 6-12, or for any teacher who wishes to incorporate “Rock and Roll” into classroom curriculum. Celebrate Rock and Rolls 50th Golden Anniversary by riding this “Magic Bus” through the world or Rock and Roll. You will listen to, view and study the vocal artist and bands that shaped the History of Rock and Roll. Starting with the early Delta Blues, Country Music and Gospel you will study how these early roots played a significant role in developing today’s rock sounds.
          Follow the evolution from these early pioneers of rock as this course  “blasts into the past” from the 50’s, the early 60’s with the British Invasion, the Height Ashbury/San Francisco sound, the Vietnam era and songs of protest, the Popin’ 80’s Disco vs. Punk, Metal bands, the roots of Rap, Hip/Hop, and the cross over into today’s genres bending music.  
          With your special “backstage pass” for online supplemental materials, you will have total access to a complete “You Tube” list of rock bands and artists and like you’ve never seen before. Plus, with your subscription to NetFlix you can view “The History of Rock” Discs 1-5, Warner Brothers’ Home DVD Set. Each of the 5 DVD’s discs contains two one-hour episodes.
          This magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away. Roadies, sidemen, and groupies are encouraged to hop aboard and boogie on down. Guaranteed to blow your mind.
          Your “tour guide” textbook is Rockin’ Out! Popular Music in the U.S.A. by Reebee Garofalo, fourth Edition, is available new and used at starting at $7 plus shipping. It is also available at local libraries, and from Powell’s Books online.
         Of course no trip is complete without the necessary travel equipment: Access to a computer, free access (unrestricted) to the internet, free access (unrestricted) to “You Tube”, and a Netflix’s account, which start at about $5/month.


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• $5/month: A NetFlix membership, starting at about $5 per month, to obtain The History of Rock and Roll 5-DVD set. Each disc contains two 1-hour episodes, Warner Brothers Home DVD (2004). • $7: The course textbook, Rockin’ Out! Popular Music in the U.S.A. by Reebee Garofalo, fourth Edition, ISBN-0-13-2343305-3, is available new and used starting at $7 from It is also available at local libraries and from Powell’s Books online.

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