Course No. ED446U, ED546U

Today, we have English Language Learners in most K-12 classrooms, and it is imperative that all teachers know and understand effective instruction methods for language diverse classrooms. This course will focus on a holistic approach to teaching in language diverse classrooms. We will learn about effective strategies in classroom environment/set-up, scheduling, lesson planning, instruction, and content delivery methods that support the English language development and literacy of all students in a multilingual classroom.
This course will be useful to all K-12 teachers, particularly K-5 teachers in all subject areas.

We advise you to review and download the course syllabus before registering. Syllabus
  • Learned how to assess the classroom environment for best-practices in ELL language development, and to create a classroom that supports language development.
  • Learned the foundational concepts in second language acquisition
  • Delivered instruction that supports the English language development of diverse ELL’s in the classroom
  • Learned how to deliver required content instruction with the language acquisition support that ELL’s require.
  • Acquired a sense of empowerment and a range of teaching ‘tools’ to immediately use in the classroom.
  • Demonstrated the ability to create relevant lesson plans and units for ELL students.

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